MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death
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Compile Heart
(Makai Ichiban Kan)
PREAPP Partners


Compile Heart
Idea Factory International (NA)


Tomoki Tauchi


Norihisa Kochiwa




Satou Tenpei
Satoshi Kadokura


MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death


PlayStation Vita
PlayStation TV

Release date(s)

December 17, 2015 JAPAN (Vita)
December 17, 2015 ASIA (Vita)
September 13, 2016 NA (Vita)
September 16, 2016 EU (Vita)


3D Dungeon RPG


Single Player


PS Vita Card
PSN digital (Vita)

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, known is a Playstation Vita game by Compile Heart in collaboration with PREAPP Partners originally released on December 17rd, 2015 in Japan and localized in parts of Asia, Korea, Europe, and North America.



  • About

You can attach a guardian to each character. There are 10 in all, there is compatibility, but who is going to which guardian is free. It consists of 4 parts of body, right arm, left arm, magic machine core, and these can be changed freely. Skill is set for each part, and you can arbitrarily select and execute from among them during battle. Among them, the core of the magic machine core has five attributes assigned, and the body changes to a color matching the attribute. There are no restrictions on the number of attacks and parts destruction. Because it is overwhelmingly stronger than the birth, it becomes the main axis of battle, but when a character is knocked down, it falls into a battle impossible collectively. Moreover, it is also a drawback that it is not enough to recover durability at a stretch. Parameters of the guardian are made to rise according to the attribute value of the character in charge in addition to the level up. Level up separately from characters, similarly the basic status is strengthened. If the guardian is knocked down, no experience value will be entered into the guardian even if the responsible character survives.

  • Parts

The body builds the whole body excluding its arms, and governs basic parameters such as durability and attack power / defense power. In addition, there are few opportunities to replace, and exclusive strengthening is required for power-up with a factory to be described later. Arm is a part that can be said to be the essential part of attack where all skills were occupied by attack system. There is no distinction between right and left when wearing. If you put both arms together in the same parts, powerful skills are released. The core is a part that can be said to be a nucleus as its name, and by installing an item called "Demonic Jewelry" it is possible to use special attacks such as strengthening the status and activating multiple skills at the same time. The installable number increases with the level up of the guardian. If the attribute of the character in charge matches the attribute of the attack to be used, the effect is somewhat enhanced.

  • Magical Factory

In the workshop in Southern Cross, we can make the parts of the guardian. Parts that can be made can be increased by using a magic book available in dungeons and the like. In production, "ether" which can be obtained separately from money · "Magic ore" which can be obtained from enemies etc · Three kinds of "Demonic gemstones" different for each part are required. Also, the body of not for sale can be powered up by "morphological evolution". To do this you need rare items, not magic jewels, as well as magic books.


  • About

A living character that can be said as a guardian's pilot. While the guardian has many attacking skills, the character has many skills and magic techniques to support the guardian. Unlike the guardian, the only items that can be changed are "seed", which will be described later, and support is the main because the parameters of the element are also inferior to the guardian greatly.

  • Seed

By incorporating Demonic Jewel into the slot assigned to each character, it is possible to increase the power of the character. Even the same devil gem is completely different from the effect when wearing it in the guardian. In addition, the name "seed" can be used only for seed. Particularly different "attribute values" are assigned, so that the basic parameters can be amplified by the magnification of the final value ÷ 100. In addition to the empty slot to install, the cost of the demon jewels to be installed must be less than the parameter "magical power". Magical power increases with level up. There are two patterns of special effects, one that corrects the character itself and the other that corrects the attribute value. Some also have the effect of "copying only all characteristics / attribute values ​​of the first seed". In the opening part there are few slots and the magnification is not high so much, but the influence of the attribute value becomes considerably large as the story progresses, so it is an important element which is greatly involved in the difficulty of this work.

  • Form

Each character is set with "form" which determines what attribute is governed. The name has 5 patterns in Central + Four Seasons English. Every Estra only clears the tower you can earn a new form and change it, but all other characters are fixed. In addition, changing the appearance of Estra changes (the same is true of the event standing). Proficiency is set in the form, and the attribute value is increasing as the number of battles has been increased. Since it is the number of battles, it is irrelevant even if battle is disabled at the end of battle.

  • Skill

When a character reaches a predetermined level, you can master skills. The acquisition level can be confirmed on the status screen. The number of times of use is decided for skills, and the number of consumed times can only be recovered by stay. The number of times increases individually by the level up individually. Only single recovery system and mobile skill can be used during the movement, the whole recovery system can only be used during battle.


  • About

At battle, you can select commands by arbitrarily switching between guardian and character. There is a difference in the target to be attacked by the selected command, and it can not be changed until the next turn. In the case of the action by the guardian, all the commands that can be used are displayed according to the combination of the respective parts, so that one can arbitrarily be selected from among them. In this case, all attacks will be applied to the guardian unless it is a direct attack system skill. In the case of a character, you can choose normal attack, magician, item, defense. In the case of magic machinery · items it is random, attack and defense surely enemy attacks are to reach characters. In the case of random, it is about 20%. As a reminder, you can not use recovery items during battle. Therefore, you can only use magic techniques to recover. If you kill an enemy, it will be victorious, you can get experience value · money · ether · drop items. Conversely, if the character wipes out, it will be defeated and returned to the inn without penalty. If you lose to a boss-class enemy, the defeat index is displayed as a percentage.

  • Special Monster

Among the enemies that emerge, there are cases where there is a mixture of random designations called "mutant", "wake-up body", "giganticization" and a release of a pink aura. These parameters have been strengthened several times more than usual ones, and they are extremely enemies. On the other hand, since magnification correction is also applied to each acquisition item and drop rate, it can be said that it is rather a chance if it is enough to be opponentable. In the case of emergence it is random, but if you meet the condition you can also forcibly reinforce individuals by using items that can be obtained.

  • Twelve Star Beasts

As the story progresses, you can challenge the mighty monster "Twelve Star Beasts" sealed in the tower. Twelve star beasts use the eleventh twelve constellation as a motif and when defeated they can get the material of the arm parts and the magic jewels (seeds) bearing the name of the twelve stars beast. These require a great deal of cost to use, but none are powerful. The space where they are sealed "the evil seal" can be detected by using the item "seal wave detector". If it captures the coordinates on the mini map it will be released, and if not captured it will be displayed as "not near here", if it is not in the floor itself, "not on the floor". Even if it is a seal of evil, there are several, basically the twelve star beasts are sealed near the innermost part of each dungeon, except for that it is a treasure room.

Dungeons · Facilities

  • About

The tower which is the main dungeon starts from "black tower", and it cleans up to make the new dungeon free. Within the dungeon, auto mapping is always functioning, and maps of three squares in front and diagonally forward are recorded. In the dungeon · town you can open the menu in the same way, you can use magician · use items and suspend saving etc. You can record only one interrupted save, but you can only save it, it will not be deleted even if it is loaded.

  • Gimmick

There are various tricks in the dungeon, and it comes to support and disturb players. There are three support gimmicks, there are three warp zones connecting specific points of each hierarchy, HP · spring of recovery, which can restore durability · number of skills, spring monster that is warped from the outside with the magic machine "Makai jump" Exist. Apart from the warp zone it is mainly in front of the boss room. The intervention gimmick is mainly a thing that hinders movement, such as a hidden door, a one way street, a traffic tobacco, a door with a key. The keyed door is unlocked with a separate gimmick such as a switch. There are no damage zones and dark zones, there are not many pitfalls.

  • Town Facilities

You can make a main save in addition to accommodation at the inn "Star-style". Also, if a new product or a bargain has arrived in the street shop, it will tell us about it. Yorankuya "Cash" allows you to buy and sell items. We also sell guardian parts. However, the body purchased here is not subject to morphological evolution. In addition, valuable items of one point are exhibited as bargains according to the degree of progress. In the magic guild "Arrows" you can receive a request to obtain valuables and demonic jewels that the monster of the tower drops. Please note that this valuable item has no other uses. Since new requests are being disclosed according to the number of achievement requests, it is necessary to clear them all. The aforementioned magic factory can also be executed here. There are other temporarily disclosed places at the event limitation, but since it is only for the event to the end, it disappears from the list if it ends.


This world stops its rotation, the world has become only night. To rescue the world by turning the "star screw" to resume the rotation of the star, five magicians, including Estra, to take the qualification to turn the screws, accompanied the guardians who are the best, 4 I got on a journey to capture one tower.



  • Magician

People who deal with magic and craft robots called guardians. The degree of penetration varies depending on the region. Magic is not merely pure magic, it is a mid-range technique between magic and machine using nanomachines.

  • Magic City City Southern Cross

A place to be regarded as sacred ground for magicians. There is a topography that extends in a cruciform shape centered on the "Central Hwang Temple" and on each side there are "blue tower", "white tower", "red tower" and "black tower" that are supposed to lead to the Makai world .

  • Guardian deity

It is mainly called "Guardian". Robot that contracts by magician naming and guards magician. Guardians have types such as "five rows" rolled out by shaking at the altar of the Yellow Hin Temple and "Four saint beasts" guarding the altars of each tower. There are cases where five lines are produced each time, there are multiple units, and others appear as enemies.

  • Dragon

A mysterious creature living in each tower. It is a so-called dragon. It is an attribute different from the main attribute of the tower, and by destroying it, you can get an event item with "special image" and "special image". Almost a mandatory partner for destroying on event Also, a common secret is hidden between each dragon.


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